Malinska is a picturesque seaside resort situated along the coast of a wooded bay on the island Krk, only 15 km away from the bridge. Numerous beaches, a large number of sunny days and Mediterranean climate have made Malinska ideal for health tourism which attracts numerous visitors for more than a century. There are 3 swimming areas, along the coast there is a long promenade called the Paradise path and there are several fields for sports: tennis, golf, bowling, horseback riding. There are also very popular water sports, such as diving, sailing and fishing. Entertainment life of Malinska is not less fun than in big tourist centers. There are so many different events as a part of Cultural summer and also traditional yacht races and local festivals. There are still living traces of the past - the sounds of sopile, preserved folk song called "kanat na tanko i debelo" which can, along with the folk dance in colorful vintage costumes allow, at least briefly, escape from everyday life. Particular pleasure of this seaside town that has managed to preserve characteristics of the fishing area, is enjoying culinary delights in one of the authentic seaside tavern. Malinska is ideal for those who are looking for variety of well-known tourist destination and it is suitable for a family or an active vacation and a holiday full of fun.