House rules

The landlord is required to ensure peace and order, to provide guests all necessary assistance with accommodation, to respect the habits of renting rooms and apartments as well as provide services in accordance with the categorization.

To have comfortable stay, please use the room, apartment and inventory with the diligence of a good host.
"CHECK-IN" is after 14.00 PM, "CHECK-OUT" is untill 10.00 AM. Staying in the apartment after 10,00 am can cause charging of one more day.
Disturbing peace and quiet from 11.00 PM to 09.00 AM is not allowed.
Pets without permission of the host are not allowed.
Visits or hosting other guests, except those who are staying in the room or apartment, without the permission of the host are not allowed.
Please do not take things out of rooms, apartments (towels, sheets, blankets and parasols). Do not take chairs and tables out from the living room to the terraces and balconies, especially do not expose them to the sun or rain.
If you decide to terminate your stay as it was planned by the contract, you are required to pay the entire reservation stay.
Upon departure, the host need to check the apartment and you are obliged to pay for any possible damage.

House rules are drawn up according to special customs in tourism.