Terms & Conditions

Legal relations

Internet service is owned by the tourist agency "Klub Tours" Draga 33, 51512 Njivice, Croatia (hereinafter "KLUB TOURS" or "agency"), guarantees the implementation of mediation in selling accommodation over the Internet, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, death or illness of service provider, etc.).

The travel booking through the Internet may submit an adult (the client).

The owner or travel agency on the ground with the competence of the requested accommodation (hereinafter referred to as Representative) provides all kinds of assistance to the client from the client accepts to departure.

Privacy Statement

Results of www.appkrk.com can freely be browsed. If the client decides to use some of our services, he is obliged to leave his required personal data while performing the reservation and leasing the requested service. We use only the information received directly from the client and the information you submit remains protected.

Reservations and payment

When requesting, client and the agency will be sent automatically an e-mail with information about the request.

The agency will check the availability of the requested accommodation and will confirm to the client the opportunity of reservation or will offer alternative options.

Klub Tours sends an invoice to the client for advance payment with all necessary information.

The amount of the deposit is 20% for accommodation.

Upon execution of payment, Klub Tours sends to the client travel document (voucher) which confirms the client as tenant.

The rest of the total ammount is to be paid directly in the agency upon arrival.

Methods of payment

Payment by bank transfer to the bank account of the agency

Payment by bank transfer to the bank account of the agency (within Croatian territory).

Payment by credit card

Payment by PayPal

Bank charges of the principal and the recipient are to be paid by the client. The client is obliged to inform his bank about covering all expenses of the advance payment. Otherwise, the difference will be charged when paying the rest on the spot.


a) Travel Insurance

Accommodation fee doesn`t include travel insurance from a travel risk.

In accordance with the Law in Tourism (NN no. 8/96 - hereinafter the Act), the agency where the client makes the booking shall offer the traveler a "package" of travel insurance, which consists of health insurance of the traveller throughout his stay abroad, baggage insurance, accidents insurance and travel cancellation insurance, which are offered for both travel abroad and in our country. Accepting the travel contract, client confirms that he was offered a "package" of travel insurance. When contracting a travel insurance package, it is necessary to submit the full name, address and VAT number of the insured person.

Travel insurance policy can not be arranged later!

We are obliged to inform you that under Croatian law, foreign citizens with this insurance are insured only on Croatian territory. We therefore recommend that foreign citizens make that insurance in their own country.

b) Bail

Travel agency Klub Tours has contracted an insurance bail policy with insurance company Kvarner Vienna Insurance Group Inc.

c) Liability Insurance

Travel agency Klub Tours has contracted Liability insurance with insurance company Kvarner Vienna Insurance Group Inc.

Other Information

The price of accommodation includes the basic service as described in the booked accommodation unit. Special services (marked in the description of the accommodation units as "additional services", "negotiable", "on request", "on demand" ...) are not included unless stated otherwise. These services client is required to specify when sending request.

Price does not include travel insurance.

The accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the authorized institution, and based on the actual situation.

Client request for reservation changes will be filled if possible. About the potential costs of these changes, the client will be notified.

For luggage that is destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen in the unit, responsiblity is on client himself.

Traveller's right to changes and cancellations

Cancellation or changes of reservation are allowed only in written form (e-mail or fax).

Klub tours will make a change if there is an accommodation available for replacement. If alternative accommodation result some difference in price, the client is required to pay cost difference. For an alternative accommodation the client will receive a new invoice with all necessary data as well as new travel document (voucher).

Change of accommodation is related to a change of the object.

In case of a change by shortening the stay on spot, the client is obligated to pay the agreed amount in its entirety.

In the case of cancellation, there will be charged administrative costs of the agency (the advance fee), which means that the deposit is not refundable.

Services and prices

The volume and type of services written in the contract are valid only travel descriptions, pictures and prices quoted in the catalogs and on the website of Klub Tours, which are valid for a specified period of time, on which is based the contract and statements in the booking confirmation. Additional agreements which change the agreed contract services must be confirmed in written form.

Local governments charged local tax per person per day, or lump sum, and is is called "sojourn tax". In the description of the accommodation unit, please do check whether it is already included in the price or it should be paid on the spot.

In the description it is indicated whether some of these services are included in the price or should be paid as an additional: consumption of electricity, water, gas, bed linen, final cleaning and other additional services, which are stated in the description.

Other services are listed as supplementary and should be paid on the spot.

When entering the accommodation you colud be requested certain amount (deposit) as security deposit for possible damage. However, Klub Tours is obliged to inform you about any possibility of additional charge in the description of the apartment. Upon handover of the accommodation unit, deposit should be returned.

The client is obliged to leave the apartment or holiday home in a decent condition before departure, regardless of the final cleaning of the accommodation provider. "Fair condition" includes washing dishes and throwing out the garbage.

In the description it is indicated if the towels and kitchen linen are there and how often they change during the stay. Landlords sometimes give more towels than necessary so they don`t have to change disturb the client during his stay. In general, landlords are not obliged to leave the means for washing and cleaning (detergent for dishes, laundry ...) and don`t have to leave more than one roll of toilet paper.

Are pets allowed or not, you`ll find in the description of the accommodation. Pet definitely has to be noted in the reservation, even if it is allowed according to the description. It is particularly desirable to note his weight if it is more than 10 kg, the breed (if it is a dog) ... Permission is generally valid for one pet. If pets are not allowed, it doesn`t mean that in the house there are no pets.

If they are allowed, it doesn`t automatically mean that they are allowed to move freely, always and everywhere. There may be an obligation of binding the dog. In many places they are not allowed to use the public beach and there are special beaches where pets are allowed. There is a pet fee which should be paid and the amount of the fee is specified in the description of the accommodation.

If Klub Tours is explicitly in the name of the third person involved in the programs of other tour operators or providing a particular service or other service providers, such as excursions, rent-a-car, etc., then Klub Tours is responsible only for the proper providing of mediation services, but not for the service.

Fittings of the rented properties

In the holiday apartments and holiday homes cutlery and crockery is usually completely provided for the number of people.

If reception via satellite or cable is possible it will be shown in the text with Sat-TV or Cable-TV. However this does not absolutely guarantee that the client is able to watch the programmes in his own language.

If the garden furniture is listed in the description, it is not mandatory for each person one chair available. Deck chairs and umbrellas are also available only if they are mentioned in the description.

All our apartments have license to rent and categorization of state authorities. However, the client should keep in mind that the leisure facilities were built exclusively for this purpose, which is often reflected in the equipment and furniture.

Client`s rights and liabilities

Client as tenant has the right to use the entire property including furnishings and devices. The Client is obliged to treat the property and its inventory, as well as any communl areas, very carefuly.

The client is obliged to replace any damage caused by him or from his companions or guests during his stay.

The accommodation unit must not be occupied with more people than allowed according to the voucher. If in the accommodation unit is more people than it is agreed, the owner of the accommodation has the right to refuse or expel the excess of persons or charge the price of accommodation and incidental expenses.

Time of arrival and departure

On the day of the reservation, the time of arrival is between 2pm and 7pm. If the client isn`t able to keep to the agreed time of arrival, he shall notify agency by phone. If the client doesn`t appear on the day of arrival and doesn`t justify the absence, it will be considered that he gave up from the reservation and the accommodation unit will be considered free for further bookings.

On the day of departure the client must leave the accommodation unit no later than 10am and he is obliged to give the key to the landlord ( or agency).

Klub Tours liability

Klub Tours is responsible for thorough trip preparation within serviceable liability and the care of a good manager for the accuracy of the service and accommodation description.

Liability for the occasional mischance or interruptions in water or electricity is exempt.

The Client is obliged within the scope of the statutory provisions to do everything reasonable to contribute to remedying the failure and to keep any damages arising low or to avoid them altogether. This results in an obligation to report all complaints without delay on the spot to person (agency) specified in voucher.

In the event of culpable neglect to punctually inform the agency, the agency's obligation to reduce rent or compensate for damages becomes invalid.

Compliance with general terms and conditions

It is considered that all parties agree with the general terms and conditions and accept them:

- by paying the advance fee (client)

- by confirmation of the reservation (Klub Tours).